• Workbenches


    A good workbench should be able to properly fit the physical and functional requirements of the task assigned to you. Workshop surfaces need to have a sturdy structure and the right protection to carry out the tasks they’re designed for. Krosstech benches are made from strong materials so workers can get the job done right. Here at Krosstech, we have…
  • Trolleys


    Trolleys are designed to make the transportation of goods and products in the workplace easier and safer. Krosstech trolleys are used widely in various industries including warehouses, workshops, laundries, office, food, libraries, retail and manufacturing plants.
  • Space Cases

    Space Cases

    Space Cases from Krosstech are moulded from UV stabilised food-grade polyethylene plastic, using the best quality materials to create a highly durable product. Storing and transportation is easy with space cases as they feature a modular, stackable and interlocking design. There’s no need to worry about dents or rust as Krosstech space cases are designed with a high strength rugged…
  • Plastic Containers

    Plastic Containers

    Krosstech plastic containers can meet all your material storage requirements. Proper storage solutions help keep your inventory and warehouse organised and neat, and your business running smoothly. Krosstech, Australia’s leading supplier of storage solutions, offers a wide range of plastic containers that are durable, safe, and space-efficient. We provide you with high quality plastic containers for your different storage needs.…
  • Materials Handling

    Materials Handling

    Improve the processes of your workplace by implementing materials handling equipment from our vast range of quality solutions. Searching for materials handling equipment? From pallet bins, drum handling, forklift attachments, pallet trucks and more, we can satisfy your lifting and materials handling needs. Our range of materials handling equipment provide an ideal solution to many manual handling issues, particularly with…
  • Cabinets


    Whether you are fitting cabinets and lockers in a school, workplace, or any other facility that needs strong and reliable lockable storage, our extensive range at Krosstech means there’s a solution for every need. We have dust proof cabinets, parts cabinets and trolleys, industrial tool trolleys, storage cabinets, tool cabinets, safety cabinets, personal lockers and shelving modules. Whether you require…
  • Access Equipment

    Access Equipment

    Browse our extensive range of access equipment, including ladders, step stools and work platforms. We have a range of solutions for access equipment and deliver our products Australia-wide. We provide the right access equipment for your specific project needs. We have ladders, step stools, and work platforms to suit most industries including building and construction, maintenance, warehousing, and retail. Our…
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