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The NEW X-Cart is a versatile materials handling cart for use in offices, stores and other service areas. Manufactured from injection moulded plastic and aluminium this lightweight trolley can be collapsed quickly and easily at the push of a button. Now using metal wheel bearings for long lasting use. Unit includes one folding box which can be clipped to the upper platform. Weighing only 8.4kg’s with a maximum load capacity of 75kg’s.

Extra baskets are available for use on both platforms or up to 4 baskets can be stacked on the bottom platform.

A robust foot pedal brake allows the X-Cart to be locked in position whilst loading or unloading.

The injection moulded plastic and aluminium design means that whilst the X-Cart is lightweight it is still very robust and has a great carrying capacity.

The basket fits foolscap suspension files – great for transporting documents throughout the office

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X-Cart Folding Trolley, Extra Basket

X-Cart Folding Trolley

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The X-Cart is a collapsible trolley that can be used for hundreds of applications. It is ideal in the workplace, home, offi­ce, hospitals, courier services and much more! It can be completely collapsed by the push of a button on the handle. The wheels are able to be removed by the push of a button and stored underneath for compact transport and storage.

The X-Cart is supplied with one collapsible basket which will lock into place on either the top or bottom platform. The top platform can be folded back to allow larger items to be transported if required.

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