Agriculture Storage Solutions

Agriculture spans a wide variety of tasks and challenges. Whether you’re operating a dairy farm, growing crops or running cattle, Australia’s hard-working farmers are the backbone of our economy. That’s why Krosstech is proud to help support the Aussie agriculture industry with our extensive range of storage and materials handling solutions. We refuse to compromise on quality, and only stock storage products and equipment that’s as tough as our farmers.

Handle heavy loads with ease

Say goodbye to back-breaking labour and hello to a less physically taxing work day with our range of heavy-duty materials handling equipment.

Our durable pallet trucks, scissor lift tables and drum handling equipment are all built tough to stand up to any heavy-duty farm job. Whether you’re hauling sacks of stock feed, carting drums of soil inputs, or transporting bins and pallets brimming with produce, you can count on our equipment to do the heavy lifting for you.

Supercharge your forklift

Good farm machinery must be versatile. Turn your forklift into a multi-purpose workhorse with our range of forklift extensions and attachments.

Fit a tipping bin to your forklift to handle loads from 150L right up to 1,250L, or use our jib attachments to transform your forklift into a versatile crane capable of lifting up to 9.5 tonnes. You can also fit our work platform cages to your forklift to create a mobile harvesting machine. 

Containers, crates and pallets for your produce

When it comes to packing your produce for transport, we have the right solution for you. Our extensive range of plastic containers and crates are widely used throughout the food industry, and compatible skate trolleys will take the stress off your back and knees.

For larger loads, our range of steel and wire mesh pallet collars, retainers and cages will stand the test of time, and our mega pallet bins can hold up to 720L or 500kg. We also offer a range of dangerous goods storage cabinets for safe storage of flammable liquids, gas bottles and corrosive chemicals.

Ask our team

Our team of friendly storage experts is standing by to answer your questions. Contact the team at Krosstech today to design and implement an agricultural storage solution to suit your needs.