Veterinary Storage Solutions

An efficient storage solution can be the difference between a highly successful veterinary surgery and a struggling practice. At Krosstech, we understand that managing a complex veterinary practice involves multiple moving parts. From operating and treatment rooms, to medication storage and retail spaces in your waiting room, Krosstech can help create an efficient storage facility across all facets of your veterinary practice.

Organising your operating room with vet cabinets, shelving, trolleys and more

Keep all your vital instruments organised and at hand with our range of medical-grade storage systems and trolleys. Your operating nurses will never need to go searching for the instrument you need, and our range of durable industry-trusted vet cabinets and storage solutions will stand the test of time.

Krosstech has more than 50 years’ experience in the healthcare industry and can help you design a storage solution for your veterinary operating room that will ensure you can stay focused on your patients.

Treatment rooms to impress with clear veterinary drug labels and smart storage solutions

A messy treatment room speaks volumes about your veterinary practice. Inviting clients into a disorganised or chaotic treatment room may put your professionalism in question and send dissatisfied clients straight to your competitors.

From lockable vet cabinets, mobile drawers and trolleys to modular shelving systems and veterinary drug labels, the expert team at Krosstech can help you design a storage solution that will keep your veterinary treatment rooms looking professional.

Retail the right way with neat, professional vet labels and product storage options

A well presented retail space in your reception area or waiting room can help to boost the revenue of your veterinary practice. Keep boxes of pet food out of sight and professionally present your retail items to help increase sales.

You can call on Krosstech’s range of fixed and mobile shelving systems to create a versatile, organised retail space while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate new ranges of retail products when required.

Ask our team

Our team of friendly storage experts is standing by to answer your questions. Contact the team at Krosstech today to design and implement a veterinary storage solution to suit your needs.