Cabinets and Lockers

Need strong and reliable lockable storage for your workplace, warehouse, retail business, construction site or school? You’ll find a solution for your storage needs with our extensive range of lockable cabinets and lockers.

From parts cabinets and shelving modules to dust-proof cabinets perfect for heavy industry, our entire cost-effective range is constructed to high standards from quality materials.

Storage Cabinets

Create a safe, organised and efficient work environment with the right storage solution. We stock a range of stationery cupboards, filing cabinets, heavy-duty cabinets, and jumbo cabinets.

Parts Cabinets

Our parts cabinets are ideal for the safe and secure storage of small parts. Dramatically decrease your storage footprint while increasing storage space up to five times with our heavy-duty tooling cabinets. 

Drawer Cabinets

Our drawer cabinets are built to last. All Krosstech drawer cabinets feature impact-resistant thermoplastic polymer (ABS) bins for reliable, dust-free storage.

StorBay® Shelving Modules

The StorBay® range of Australian-made steel shelving modules are finished with a heavy-duty graphite ripple powder, and feature adjustable shelves and a wide range of bin sizes.

Workshop Trolleys

Boost the productivity of your workshop with our range of industrial tool trolleys. The right tool will always be at your fingertips, and lockable drawers provide extra security. 

Personal Lockers

Choose from our range of one-tier, two-tier, three-tier and four-tier personal lockers. Our personal lockers are perfect for schools, workplaces, businesses, and healthcare and medical facilities where staff, patient and customer belongings need to be secured.  

Lockable Filing Cabinets

Keep files secure and organised with our range of metal filing cabinets. Our range of two-, three- and four-drawer filing cabinets all feature lockable drawers. 

Aerosol Storage Cabinets

Ensure your workshop meets safety standards with our range of lockable aerosol storage cabinets. Whether you’re storing 12 cans, or need storage for up to 216 cans, we’ve got you covered. 

Safety Cabinets

Our range of heavy-duty, large capacity and outdoor flammable liquids cabinets, relocatable dangerous goods stores, gas stores, corrosive storage cabinets, aerosol storage cabinets, LPG storage cabinets and PPE cabinets are designed strictly in accordance with Australian Standards. 

Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

Don’t leave the safe storage of your dangerous goods to chance. Our range of relocatable bulk dangerous goods stores can be purpose-built to comply with your exact needs. 

Dust Proof Cabinets

We want to make it easier for you to maintain a clean workspace with our range of dust-proof cabinets, ideal for heavy industry and dusty workplaces including construction, workshops and mining.

Warehouse and industrial cabinet solutions to suit any need.

Whether you are fitting cabinets and lockers in a school, workplace, or any other facility that needs strong and reliable lockable storage, our extensive range at Krosstech means there’s a solution for every need.

We have dust proof cabinets, parts cabinets and trolleys, industrial tool trolleys, storage cabinets, tool cabinets, safety cabinets, personal lockers and shelving modules. Whether you require cabinets and lockers for retail, warehousing, maintenance, or construction and building, we have a product that will suit your needs.

Our range of cabinets and lockers will allow you to incorporate a cost-effective solution to suit your industry’s needs. Our range of cabinets and lockers are constructed with high quality materials, giving your business the perfect solution for employees to secure their personal belongings.

Our Brands

Quality always comes first at Krosstech. We’ve built long-term relationships with the most reputable materials 

handling and storage solutions manufacturers on the market, and all our products are put through rigorous 

testingand quality control processes.

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