Multi-functional trolleys are the key to improving logistical processes in cleaning and housekeeping. Our cleaning and housemaid trolleys are specially-designed to meet the needs in organising and cleaning, from holding and pressing mops, supporting trash bags, and transporting cleaning tools. Members of the personnel will appreciate the intuitive organisation of our cleaning and housemaid trolleys, as well as their ability to keep cleaning equipment and materials secure. With the functionality and versatility of these trolleys, moving from one clean-up area to another is easy.

Boost your capacities with cleaning and housemaid trolleys

Krosstech has a range of cleaning and housemaid trolleys that can suit different levels of operational needs. We offer an all-in-one mop bucket in different volume capacities, a compact folding cart with bag, and high capacity cleaning carts with multiple shelves.

To further improve efficiency, we also offer various accessories for the handling and transport of cleaning materials. All of our products are constructed from high quality materials and designed with ergonomic function in mind.

Our Brands

Quality always comes first at Krosstech. We’ve built long-term relationships with the most reputable materials 

handling and storage solutions manufacturers on the market, and all our products are put through rigorous 

testingand quality control processes.

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