Order picking is one of the most basic tasks in warehouse logistics, but it's also one of the most important ones. You need to have high quality tools and equipment to ensure that order picking goes smoothly and efficiently.

Here at Krosstech, we offer durable trolleys specifically-designed for order picking. With these order picking trolleys, you can systematically and neatly fill customers' orders and sort out materials for distribution.

Functionality and durability for increased efficiency

We offer several types of order picking trolleys, from single tub, double tub to four tube trolleys. The trolleys can fit standard size tubs, and also hold other heavier inventory in the flatbed. The functionality of our order picking trolleys allows you to neatly segregate different materials.

To further increase accuracy and efficiency in tracking, Krosstech also offers a clipboard attachment for order picking trolleys. Functionality and durability are both necessary to streamline logistics and to turn your processes into increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

Quality brands you can trust

Quality always comes first at KROSSTECH. We’ve built long-term relationships with the most reputable material handling and storage solutions manufacturers on the market, and all our products are put through rigorous testing and quality control processes.

Our trusted brands include:

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