Looking for a strong, durable and versatile trolley for material handling? When it comes to the efficient transport of materials from one point to another, we understand the need to improve logistical operations through better and more appropriate system solutions. Krosstech offers a range of high quality tier trolleys that can be used to carry a wide range of inventory, from small office materials, to specialised equipment in cleaning, medicine, service, and more.

Versatile tier trolleys to boost your operations

We provide different types of tier trolleys to suit the specific capacity and size needs of various business operations. Our versatile tier trolleys come in two and three-tier styles, and may be made of uncoated steel or with a durable long-lasting powder-coated finish.

To further optimise the handling and storage processes, Krosstech also offers accessories such as clip boards and part boxes. When it comes to functionality and versatility of tier trolleys, we only provide products from reputable brands that are sure to give your operations a boost.

Quality brands you can trust

Quality always comes first at KROSSTECH. We’ve built long-term relationships with the most reputable materials handling and storage solutions manufacturers on the market, and all our products are put through rigorous testing and quality control processes.

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