A great solution to decreasing downtime and warehouse traffic, and increasing warehouse efficiency. Cuts out the extra step of weighing and recording of each pallet for shipping costs etc.

Capacity: 2000kg


  • A reliable pallet truck with accurate scales for measuring pallet weights
  • Scales are able to add up multiple pallet weights giving the total weight per shipment
  • Scales use four AA batteries which give approx 4200 weighing actions
  •  The unit gives a low battery warning and shuts off after 3 minutes
  •  The digital display can be read from almost any angle in ambient light conditions
  •  Capacity: 2000kg
  •  Scale Increments: 1kg
  •  Scale Functions: Zero correction, gross/net weight, total weight
  •  Overall Fork Width: 690mm
  •  Minimum Fork Height: 76mm
  •  Overall Fork Length: 1220mm
  •  Overall Truck Length: 1650mm
  •  Tine Size: 50x182mm
  •  Steering Wheel Size: 50x180mm

Pallet Truck with Scale

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