Wheelie Bin/Drum Tipper 4
Wheelie Bin/Drum Tipper 5


WHEELIE BIN TIPPER is designed to safely and efficiently lift and tip 240 litre wheelie bins. Fitted with a robust tipping mechanism, the tipping action is carried out by pull cord operation from the forklift drivers seat. Tipping can only be carried out once locking pin is released, preventing accidental tipping.

The wheelie bin is firmly secured into position by the frame assembly preventing any bin movement, with the additional securing chain around the front of the bin. Returning the bin to the upright position can be done manually or with the forklift, the bin automatically locking into position once upright.


  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 500kg
  • Fork Pockets: 190mm x 70mm
  • Fork Pocket Centres: 840mm
  • Unit Weight: 80kg
  • Safety orange enamel painted finish

Wheelie Bin/Drum Tipper

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