Folding Trolleys

Our versatile folding trolleys are perfect for the office or the warehouse.

Efficient use of space is one of the key components to successful logistical operations in any business. Whether it's transporting goods in a warehouse, grocery store, or office, there's always room for more innovation in compact equipment and flexible solutions. That's why here at Krosstech, we offer folding trolleys that optimise the functions of your conventional moving trolleys.

Innovative folding trolleys for increased versatility and functionality

The versatility offered by the easily collapsible trolleys can be applied in offices, stores, service areas and distribution warehouses. Our folding trolleys also combine the need for versatility and functionality. They are designed to be strong, durable, lightweight, and compact.

The Folding Carts are a popular versatile materials handling trolley, is one of the folding trolleys we offer. It is made from injection-moulded plastic and aluminium, and it comes with a folding box unit. Like all of our products, our folding trolleys are made with high quality materials to ensure maximum use and durability.

Quality brands you can trust

Quality always comes first at Krosstech. We’ve built long-term relationships with the most reputable materials handling and storage solutions manufacturers on the market, and all our products are put through rigorous testing and quality control processes.

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